Actually, I never wanted to do a year abroad, but in my last school year I realize that I hadn´t a plan for my life. So I stood there no plan where to go. Nothings seems to fit. The only thing what sounds good to me was the life as a Au pair and that means I have to leave Germany for a year what I never wanted. My Faith plays a big roll in my Life. I sat down an started to pray. God  makes it´s really clear that I should do a Year as a Au pair in Great Britain. I started to look around for a organisation and found Christian Au pair. I loved there concept and applied. My big adventures started in the end of August. I flew from Stuttgart to London Stansted. I was nervous because the flight had delay. I was worried about the family who had to wait for me. However, my worries was groundless and my host family gave me a very warmly welcome.


Family life


I was the first Au pair in the family, so we had to get used to each other at first place. It work pretty well. After two weeks I felt relay homesick. My host mum sat down with me and prayed, a wonderful memories I will never forget. What I also never forget are the deep conversation with my host Dad and the fun I had with the children. In this one Year I found a second family. I´m already 21 and it is strange to see me as a older Daughter or big Sister to them. But in the end you are a part of the family and they will never forget you.

I did Au pair plus. This mean that I worked more hours than other Au pairs. A typical Day looks like this:Get up at seven and get ready myself. Provide the Breakfast for the Children and get them ready for school and preschool. Bring them to school and preschool. Does some shopping for Dinner and tidy and clean the house or have a tea break and meet some friend. In the afternoon I had to pick up the children from school and take care. Around five I normally stared with cooking. At six my shift ends and I went to one of my small groups or did something with my friends.


Church life


I visited the same church as my host family. My first visit was really funny, because they introduce me to all Germans and German speakers in the church. I was worried that I never will learn English properly with all these Germans around me. But in die end it was really nice to have people around you who speaks the same language. The services was totally different to them I was use to, but I enjoy it. It was a pleasure to be a part of it. My small groups became my new circle of friends and luckily the most are English. I have spent the most of my spare time in the Church with my friends.

I was a member of three small groups and helped out in the children services.


Travel lives


Normally I had vacation when the children had there School holiday. In that time I explored other places or meet other Au pairs, I know from a Au pair training day. The Camden Market became one my favourites places. I also can recommend Cutty sark with the observatory and a beautiful skyline of London. On my journey throw the country  I met a lot of different people and every time they was friendly and interests in you if they found out that you not a native.


I had a really good year. Full with amazing memories, wonderful person and God. I was allowed to get to know a lot of new things in myself and became much more mature . Now I have to face a new challenge but I will always lock back with a smile and try to stay in contact with these amazing People I had the pleasure to know.


Deborah Fischer

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