Frequently asked questions from Au Pairs

1. Who can apply to ChristianAuPairs?

Every Christian who is in the age range 17-26 from countries specified on our website.

2. Can I also be an au pair for less than a year?

Unfortunately not. To be able to get a visa, you have to be an au pair for at least 12 months. But you can extend up to two years.

3. How does the matching process work?

After your interview and completing the application process we will send you a profile of one or more families. These are chosen because we feel you would get on well with them. If you agree we will arrange for them to set up an interview with you.If you don’t feel comfortable with the family, we will see what other families are available and would fit you the best.

4. Can I pick a family?

Christian au pairs is unique compared to the other agencies, because the family and the au pair are getting matched after careful screening and years of experience. Instead of having a public profile that host families can view and message you, you will receive a profile that matches your expectations, faith and personality the best.

5. What happens if things go wrong with my host family?

Don’t worry, just reach out to us and we will help in your situation. Rematch is possible! But it rarely happens.

6. Do I have to pay taxes as an au pair?

Yes. Make sure to take around 10% from your weekly income out and make sure to file your taxes before the deadline.

7. How long does the application process take?

It really depends on you and how fast you are getting your paperwork together. It can be as little as two months but most au pairs plan up to a year ahead because it is so much easier if you are also at school.

8. Do I have to pay any fees to the agency?

Yes. There are some fees along the application process. All that information is online and in our application pack. We are often told that Christian au Pairs is cheaper than most agencies.

9. Can I choose which city or state I want to be in?

Yes. But you should plan many months ahead if you want to be that specific. The United States is very big with many cities and the best thing is to concentrate on getting the best family experience wherever that might be in the USA.

10. Do you accept Catholics?

Yes. We work with all mainstream protestant and catholic denominations.

11. Can you help me find a good church?

Yes. One of the things we try to do is find the best church suitable for each individual au pair as everyone has different expectations and desires. We want everybody to be fully involved and happy in the church they join.