Frequently asked questions by host families

1. What is so different about Christian au Pairs compared to other agencies?

Christian au pairs is unique compared to other agencies because it has a long successful track record of specifically matching Christian host families with au pairs around the world. It does not leave host families to search internet profiles of applicants. Instead, we actively introduce host families to girls we think are what they are looking for. Time is not wasted searching through many profiles. In fact most times the host family and au pair get a match first time.

2. Do we have to be a part of a certain christian group or church?

We really care that the host family and the au pair are Christians and go to a church or fellowship regularly. You will need a letter of recommendation from someone at your church in order to complete the application process. What kind of church is secondary, we only look that the host family and au pair are compatible. They do not have to go to the same church.

3. Can we talk to someone?

Yes.  We communicate internationally through phone, facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and Google Meet.  The world has become a community; we just have to pay attention to time zones.

4. Does the area where we live matter to be able to qualify as a host family?

Yes, it does. You should not live farther out from a city that is a one hour drive so our coordinators can visit and support you. Otherwise we cover most States.

5. How early should I start looking for an au pair?

You may be surprised to learn that our regular families search for their next au pair six months in advance. That is the ideal because it takes a long time for au pairs to get all their documents together, when they are also in education. At the least you should think two months ahead.

6. Are the rules the same for Australian families?

Australian regulations are quite different from the USA. It is more flexible and not regulated in the same way. Au pairs can come for shorter times and work for less hours. The cost for an au pair in Australia are much less.