We have used Christian au pairs for the last 4 years and we have been very blessed with all our girls – Sara, Jana, Jojo and Damaris. They were each very different but each fitted well with our family and our two children. We still see Sara and Jana regularly as they stayed on in Cardiff although progressing their own careers. Christian au pairs have been a great support and helped us through what was a very new process for us when we started 4 years ago. They have been there for the girls and the social media contact they have set up between the au pairs has been a very useful network for them all. We are lucky to have an international cafe here in Penarth which is run via one of the churches and this has also been a great networking place for all our au pairs and the other au pairs who come to the area. We have recommended Christain au pairs to other families and we know at least 3 other families in the area who have used their services very successfully. It is a great comfort to know that Mark and his team are there in the background when needed as it is not an easy job to manage people’s expectations and ensure that all the au pairs in their care are treated properly and in a christian manner.

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