My time in England has been so special to me. I decided to spend my gap year between school and university in London with a host family. I looked after three kids whom I grew to love so much. Being an au pair plus I did slightly more hours than “normal” au pairs but still had lots of free time.

I decided not to do an English course and don’t regret not doing it either as I practiced the language in everyday life.  There was still much to do in my free time! From college courses to meeting au pair friends for a cup of tea or attend church activities – the list is endless. On the weekends I usually went off to London with friends for the day, less regularly did day or weekend trips to Windsor, Brighton or even Paris, too. I always enjoyed going to the church in the area which welcomed me and other au pairs so warmly!

I made friends for life and learned a lot this year – not just things concerning childcare, but also about myself, Britain’s multicultural society and so much more.

Definitely worth the experience!

Marleen P

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