I really enjoyed being here! K and the kids are a lovely family and I was welcome to join them in whatever they were up to. We’ve been on holiday(s) together and other day trips. This way I’ve seen a lot of the country, but I was often given the choice whether to go with them or not. They introduced me to their friends & famliy and Karen supported me a lot. It wasn’t always easy with the kids or when I missed my home and habits but all in all I’ve had a great time and don’t regret coming to England for almost a year. Being here and speaking English all the time helped me to improve my language skills, especially in communicating with others. I made some very good friends and people in general have been lovely to me. I hope I manage to stay in touch with most of them! Visits are already planned I love Ottery with all its crazy traditions and feel part of the community. I was involved in a local church, youth group, Bible study group… which helped me to grow spiritually and gave me the chance to chat and to enjoy fellowship. I think that I also learned a lot about myself and how to get used to a completely new family and surroundings. My family in Germany was encouraging and supporting me which helped me a lot and was very important for my well-being. I can highly recommend to every Au Pair to have their mum or an other member of the family visiting them in their new home because it was so nice that after my mum (and sister) had stayed with me for a few days, she knew what I was talking about when I had a problem and also for her to know where and who I’m living with.

I will be missed (that’s what they told me ;) and I will miss them too!!!


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