I spent the most amazing 12 months of my life with a lovely host-family outside London. They welcomed me with open arms and I never felt homesick for a minute during the whole year. When I arrived, their former au-pair was around as well for a week, which was very helpful, not only for watching her coping with the two sweet girls (4 and 7 years) or how she helped in the household, but also to get to know locals and the area itself.
My host-family is very multicultural (Swiss, Nigerian, Ghanaian roots), which was amazing! I was referred to as a cousin from an early beginning onwards and my host-mum even called me her “god-daughter”, which means a lot to me. I felt very included in the family and appreciate them as much as they appreciated me and my help (as they let me know literally every day!). It’s great to see how my relationship with the whole family grew during the months and I love them all to bits.
The Church I went to was an amazing space as well, full of lovely people who greeted me with open arms and I felt included and cared about since day one. Within my first week, I joined the worship band, starting as a backing vocal, our worship leader gave me more and more opportunities to participate more and lead the congregation in worship, which was amazing and I learned a lot. I even had the chance to renew my baptism vows right before Christmas.
I met a lot of other au-pairs across London and was able to travel to various places apart from London on day-trips on weekends or bank holidays, such as Bath, Windsor or the Big Church Day Out, a Christian Music Festival.
My work within the host-family consisted of getting the little one ready in the morning and dropping her off at school, picking up the older one and doing homework with her. My host-mum cooked dinner for us every night (and it was delicious every day!) and I got the girls ready for bed. It also included light housework like hoovering or helping with the laundry.
I’m really grateful for the year abroad, I learned a lot, met amazing people and improved my English skills (without doing a language course). I found a second home and a second family and miss them a lot. God was with me from the beginning to the end, and if you’re wondering if you want to live abroad, I can only encourage you to do it, it’s worth it!

Pia, London

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