Au pair plus in Thames Ditton, London

My time in England has been so special to me. I decided to spend my gap year between school and university in London with a host family. I looked after three kids whom I grew to love so much. Being an au pair plus I did slightly more hours than…

A year in Devon

I really enjoyed being here! K and the kids are a lovely family and I was welcome to join them in whatever they were up to. We’ve been on holiday(s) together and other day trips. This way I’ve seen a lot of the country, but I was often given…

My year in Loughton 2016

Actually, I never wanted to do a year abroad, but in my last school year I realize that I hadn´t a plan for my life. So I stood there no plan where to go. Nothings seems to fit. The only thing what sounds good to me was the life as a Au pair…

A multicultural experience 2016

I spent the most amazing 12 months of my life with a lovely host-family outside London. They welcomed me with open arms and I never felt homesick for a minute during the whole year. When I arrived, their former au-pair was around as well for…

An amazing year in Kent 2017

I always wanted to go to England after my graduation and in Christian Au Pairs I found the perfect agency to find a wonderful host family for me and to help with all my needs and problems. Right from the beginning it was very comforting to…

Never give up 2017

I am really happy I stayed here for the year. It has been amazing. It took quite a long time for me to finally enjoy it over here. It was somewhere in January that I could say, yes, I like it here and I don’t want to go home anymore. Sometimes…

Appreciative in Nashville

Hanna is an incredible blessing to our family.  We are SO impressed by her work ethic, by her eagerness to be a part of our family, and by her creativity in getting involved in life in Nashville.  She has wonderful instincts with our…

Four unique au pairs in our family

We have used Christian au pairs for the last 4 years and we have been very blessed with all our girls – Sara, Jana, Jojo and Damaris. They were each very different but each fitted well with our family and our two children. We still see Sara…

Our au pair loved it so much she stayed two years

We had never even heard of anyone getting an Aupair and had no idea where to turn (we live in a smallish town).  Mark did a wonderful job of finding a great fit for our family.  He told us what to do every step of the way and was always…