Two years as an au pair

When I arrived at Bristol I was welcomed by two of the cutest children.

In the first few weeks it was really hard to be away from my family and friends but soon I started to make new friends and became part of the family.
I had a really good time in England. In the week days when I was working, I brought the son to school and went to playgroups with the daughter. After school we would go to the park, walks and on rainy days we would do some baking and cooking.
In the weekend I did a lot of sight-seeing and traveling. Also went on family holidays to York and the Lake District.

My English improved a lot. I didn’t do an English course but I would recommend to everyone who would come to England because now I really regret not doing it.

I had a good time in England. It was great looking after the children  and living with the family. And I would recommend it to everyone.