This is life as an au pair 2015

I have be‚Äčen the au pair for the Grunxxxx family from September 2014 till September 2015.
And I really have to say the family is genuinely lovely. The three kids, Hannah, Benjamin and Daniel, are such well-behaved and caring children.
I had a lot of fun with the family and even celebrated christmas with them in England which was an amazing feast with lots of food and great conversations.
Often I joined them in their local church but sometimes I did go to Hillsong or another church in London.

Your main work would be to wake up the kids, get them ready and drive them to school in the morning. Most of the mid-days you are then allowed to do whatever you want, apart from some little household things. You can meet up with new found friends for breakfast or a tea or go to a language school. In the afternoon/ evening time it is then your job to get the kids from school, maybe bring them to one of their activities, make dinner and bring them to bed.

I can really say it was an amazing experience and a wonderful year that I will never forget:)