The year has flown by

We will be very sad to see Gea go home but she has blossomed and grown in both her faith and her character since she has been with us.  She has made some wonderful friends through your agency but also through our church and has really settled in well to our community, going on retreats with the youth, working within our church with the babies & generally throwing herself in at the deep end.  She has been an utter pleasure to have around.   We have also met her parents and her brother and sister, they all came over for a long weekend and we had a lovely supper here with them.  The boys have done well with her, they will miss her but like all good things, they must come to an end.  I believe Gea has just about made up her mind that she is going to go home and do a child care course which is fantastic – her English is so good now I had suggested she teach privately for those who want to learn…. We will see where the world takes her.