My dream in America – second time around

My year as an Au Pair started in the beginning of October 2013. I first came into a family with five kids, living in a small town in Wisconsin (USA). Working with them was kind of hard for me, as I couldn´t really do something else there besides going to church. I also felt a little overwhelmed with the 5 young children and all the household duties. Based on our different expectations we finally decided to make a change- I started searching for a new family and they were looking for a nanny. At this point I seriously doubted about the idea of being an Au Pair in America. To have an employment relationship, sharing family life and also being one body of Christ with one family- that seemed impossible for me. But that changed when I moved to my current host family to Chicago. I´m living with them for more than 3 months now and it has been great so far. I really enjoy taking care of their four lovely kids (8, 6, 4 and 2) and I could learn so much in just helping with the daily duties. To have that much responsibility will help you maturing a lot. Besides my “work” I enjoyed being involved in our church. I started helping out in a weekly meeting for high school kids in being a small group leader for a girls group. To accompany them in their spiritual path means a lot for me and I can grow so much! But I can even do more things- in my free time I enjoy the city, meet friends or just take time for myself. As the program allows you a couple days of vacation, it was possible for me to travel two weeks in the last month. I had a great time on a bus trip in California and I could see so many exciting places.

All in all it was the best decision I could have made- I learnt so many new things, my relationship with God deepened a lot and I made friends for my life. I could also improve my English as well as I saw so many places in my travel time. I am so thankful to be a part of this family and the relationship with them won´t end even if I go home.

So I could highly recommend this program, just take the step and see what God provides for you. If you give him this year he will make greater things than you can ever imagine. And he knows what´s the best for your life!