I became their older daughter

My host-family lives at a lovely place outside London close to Hampton Court Palace. I felt at home from the very beginning. The previous Au Pair was still around for a few days during my first time which helped me enormously. Seeing her dealing with the two lovely girls (three and six years old), with the parents and getting to know her Au Pair-friends in the area was such helpful. At church I was surrounded by the most wonderful people and have been so warmly welcomed. From the second week onwards I played violin and sang in the worship team and did so for the whole year. I also got involved in connect groups at church and in an international café. My host-family was really multicultural (Ghana, Swiss and Nigerian roots) which I enjoyed a lot. My host-parents really cared for me, my hostmum called me her “older” daughter in the end and that’s how I felt, really involved in family live. My work was mainly getting the girls ready for school/nursery, picking them up, spending the afternoon with the older one (homework, piano), having dinner with them (my hostmum is a great cook :D ) and getting them ready for bed. I wouldn’t have thought I would be able to love the girls as much as I do now. In my free time I visited London (museums, churches, concerts…it’s great!) and travelled a bit through England and even went on a weekend-trip to Paris (via train :D ) with Au Pair friends. Looking back I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazingly blessed time I had.

Frederike, London