4 months now in the USA and loving it. 2017

 I love living here with my host family, the kids are great and we have hada lot of awesome moments together. Although I love the kids they are still challenging, especially the youngest one. He is a foster child and has a very difficult past but most of the timehe is a very sweet little boy. As I take care of the 4 kids, help in the houshold and meet my new friends, time flies. I can’t believe that I have already been here for more than 4 months now! In these 4 months I have been to 2 other states with my host family. We spent my first weekend in Alabama at the family’s beach house and we had some great days there. Over Thanksgiving my host family and I went to Park City (Utah) to go skiing but unfortuantely there wasn’t enough snow to do that. But we still found enough places to visit and have fun.
My next vacation is probabely going to take me to New York City for spring brake. Some friends and I are also planning a road trip to Chicago and when my parents come here in June we well explore South Carolina and Lousiana. Although I am having a great time here I also miss my family and friends back home but I have only been homesick for one day so far ;)
On Sundays I am going to Perimeter Church with my host family. It is a very big church compared to the church I came from but I still like going there. Just recently I also found a small group for me. We are 7 college-aged girls and we meet once a week to read the bible, praise God and have fun together.