Having a Christian girl or boy who sees their mission as coming to help your family for up to a year can be a great blessing. A relationship of this kind can be a lifelong experience. Having an au pair is not like having a cleaner or cook or paid worker, it is offering a sharing of cultural and Christian experience. We specialize in matching Christian Au Pairs from Europe and from other selected countries to American Christian families where they are able to work and serve; and where they can benefit from the hospitality and church life of the American family.

What can an Au Pair do?
The au pair is expected to work for up to 45 hours per week with ideally 2 days per week completely free. The work is primarily childcare but can include such things as washing, ironing, light housework (vacuuming, dusting), and meal preparation.

All au pair tasks should be focused specifically on the children. Typical daily tasks can include:

  • Waking the children, dressing infants and toddlers, bathing and playing games with them
  • Preparing meals for the children, tidying their belongings, making their beds and doing their laundry
  • Driving the children to or from school appointments and activities
  • Caring for and watching the children while they are asleep if the parents are not at home
  • Reading to the children, praying with them and sharing an understanding of Christian living.

What is their role in the family?
An au pair should live with, eat with and share in the aspects of social life within the family. It is important that they have the opportunity to communicate in English. Because they are born-again Christians they will fit easily into a family who have a sincere faith and appreciation of Christian behaviour and ethics. They will want to join in with activities of the church and not be looking to go ‘clubbing’. From our experience of placing 3,000 girls in Christian homes you will find them a joy and pleasure to be a part of your family.

Candidates are selected based on their maturity, independence, adaptability, and, most importantly, for their sincere interest in and affection towards children and their practical Christian faith.

  • Be Between the ages of 18-26
  • Have a good reference from their pastor or church leader
  • At least a high school graduate
  • Proficient in English
  • At least 200 hours of recent documented practical childcare experience
  • In possession of a valid driver’s license
  • Has no criminal record
  • Able to submit three references
  • Able to pass a psychometric test which measures behavior and personality

We use three chosen agents in the USA that we work with. They understand our requirements for a match of a practicing Christian family with a verified Christian young person. Once we have matched you to one of our au pairs we ask them to carry out all of the legal procedures and visa arrangements. This way we can be sure that everything is done properly and legally for everyone. For an indication of costs we will email an estimation to you. We work with  partners so that we can be adaptable and cover all of the USA.


Our charges are simple.

Registration Fee: $85

Matching Fee: $350

Subsequent years matching: $275

Be aware that the main part of your costs will be to one of our American partners. Total cost in the region of from $7900 for the year.

  1. You submit the application form online.
  2. When we receive it we will ask you to send us a family photo by email. We will send you a reference form to be completed by a church leader.
  3. Once we have your reference we will have a Skype video call with yourselves. If you are accepted we will ask for your registration payment. $85 by Paypal or Bank transfer or online.
  4.  We introduce suitable candidates and others that are becoming available. We look to match the right person into your family with similar interests or church background to yourselves. We do not keep an online database. We make the effort to ensure you get the right person. We know you are praying for the right person. So we also pray to that end.
  5. If you are initially interested in a candidate we recommend you may telephone the au pair or email.  The au pair will not be offered to another family during this period of time. It is important at this stage to communicate with us to give your impressions and feelings about the Au Pair.
  6. You need to explain to the au pair exactly what duties you will expect them to perform.
  7. You must pay the full placement fee once the match has been confirmed and placed with our partner.
  8. In the unlikely case of early termination (by either party) the American Agency or ourselves will offer an alternative Au Pair that is available at that time within the guarantee period of time. We will do our best to make sure it is a Christian girl but this cannot be guaranteed.
  9. We are on the end of a phone (or Skype) at any time in the arrangement to provide advice or support for you or your au pair.