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Most of our au pairs come to the United Kingdom. It is very simple to arrange. Travel to the UK is cheap and there are no visas to arrange if you are from Europe. Ideally you will come for a year but we can be flexible if you can only come for a shorter time. You can start in any month. If you are only coming for 6 months it is good to start in February. You have the choice of London, which is multicultural, or many other parts of this varied kingdom. Sometimes opportunities arise in parts of Europe.


How to become an Au Pair

First you need to complete one of our online application forms. It will arrive to us immediately. We will then send a Character reference, Child-care reference and a Medical form for you to fill in. Please return these along with 2 photographs. You will pay a small registration fee, refunded if we are unable find you a family. You will also receive a bonus incentive of at least £30 if you stay for ten months or more.

We always have several host families waiting. We do not send out lists of families as we work at matching your requirements with a particular family’s needs. We have checked our families for references from their church leaders. We will write to you to tell you we have received your forms. You will then get a phone call or email from one or more ‘host’ family who will tell you about themselves.

You must be able to speak English well enough to at least have a conversation. If you are unsure, you may speak to us on the telephone or SKYPE. We recommend all of our girls to join SKYPE. It is free.

The families who telephone you will be our selected families we think best suited to you. However, the final choice of family  is yours.

They will write you a formal invitation letter or email.  You need to wait for this letter before you make your transport arrangements. You will get a contract and also you can ask for a certificate if your parents need to claim benefits back home.

These are the only nations that can apply to be an au pair in the UK

Any country in the European Union – no visa required

Switzerland – no visa required

Australia – visa required

New Zealand – visa required

Canada – visa required

Japan – visa required

Korea – visa required

What is an Au Pair?

An Au Pair Plus is normally a single person, male or female, aged 17 years or more. You are here primarily to look after children, learn the language as well as being an extra pair of hands. An au pair’s duties might include washing, ironing, light house-work (vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes), meal preparation, taking children to and from play-group/school, and otherwise helping with the children (feeding, bathing, creative activities, homework). As an au pair you can work for up to 25 hours per week, usually 5 hours per day, with usually two days per week completely free, including Sunday. You will usually receive £75 per week or more depending on the location, and you will get free lodgings and meals.

What is an Au Pair Plus
Sometimes the normal 5 hours a day or 25 hours may not be enough for a busy family with two working parents. An Au Pair Plus will still not take care of a baby under the age of two for regular long hours.

You might help with children and light household chores for around 30 hours per week. While an Au Pair Plus can work more than a normal au pair, the hours should be kept to 30 hours per week during term time where possible, to enable you to attend language classes if you wish. When you apply the opportunities for au pair plus are greater.

Normal Au Pair Plus duties include childcare, preparing light meals for the children, tidying, washing and ironing, light housework such as dusting, sweeping/mopping and vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. Traditionally the Au Pair’s work is at least 50% child related, so any variation on this needs to be discussed and agreed with you in advance. If you will be the only person doing most of the weekly housework, or if the job involves little or no childcare, you should tell us. Some male Au Pairs may be willing to undertake outdoor tasks instead of doing indoor housework.

The payment you will receive is from £85 per week depending on the location, and you will get free lodgings and meals.

What is a Mothers Helper
MOTHER’S HELPER A mothers helper is not normally a formally qualified nanny but is an experienced childcarer aged 18 or more with references to show that they can care for children in one or more age groups. You should have or get 50 hours of infant experience if you want to take care of a baby and be paid more.

Normal working hours would be a maximum of 40 hours a week with weekends free. The timetable and responsibilities for a mother’s helper will be agreed with the agency beforehand.

The payment you will receive is from £120 per week depending on the location, and you will get free lodgings and meals.