Countries you can go

We allow possibilities to go to several countries.


The United States opens its doors to many nationalities to apply as au pairs. The rules are far more strict than for other countries. You must stay for one year and the costs to apply are greater. However the benefits are also greater. Christian au pairs in the USA have a unique opportunity. Read all of the information carefully. If you are interested please apply.

not Canada at the moment

Canada is a huge country and dual language, English and French. You can expect that the culture will be somewhere between American and English. You will need to find your air fare. AT THE MOMENT CANADA IS NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO VISA ISSUES.


Australia is a very different experience for those who want to go to the ends of the earth. You should expect to stay for one year. The arrangements are similar to the UK but you need to afford your air fare. Most of our families are likely to be in the South east of the country. Christian au pairs in Australia enjoy a "laid back" cultural experience.