• We specialise in matching christian girls to christian families.
  • We guarantee to find an opportunity for every girl who applies (for more than 6 months).
  • We make sure no family need lose out if things are not as they hoped.
  • Our commitment is to be here for the success of every arrangement.

Since 1991 we have been placing Christian girls (and some boys) as au pairs into Christian families. When we started there was no Christian agency anywhere in the world. We are still the only international agency personally matching families across the world. We started with a very personal service making all of the arrangements by post, and then by phone. Sometimes it was a long process. With the advent of the internet we first took advantage of emails, then a website and Skype web conferencing. Facebook also made a significant impact and we have social groups of Christian au pairs from the last several years. We started the first training and networking group for Christian au pairs in the UK and began to make openings into the USA and Australia. We continually look to make improvements for what we can offer families and au pairs. Christian au pairs is the best opportunity for Christian girls in the world, or so we believe.

You may contact us by email or by phone.  Our aim is to make the process transparent and easy. So we put all of our information on the internet for you to see.  The only thing we do not put on the internet is pictures and lists of families or au pairs. This is for your security. All of our girls and families are GENUINE and legally able to enter into an arrangement. You do not have the risk that database sites pose.

Compliance with Data Protection for Au pairs

We aim to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR.

1. When you apply on our website your personal information comes directly to our office. This includes: address and means of contact.
2. We ask for specifics in preference of a family which might include ethnicity, location, pets and other related matters.
3. We collect information about your church background and preferences, hobbies, experience and what age children you like to work with.
4. We collect data from third parties, namely your referees, which is usually forwarded to us by yourself.
5. All data is held on our office computers and online in a cloud format.
6. Any data we hold is purely to improve the quality of our matching service or required by the USA program.
7. Your profile will be removed from our computers and deleted after two years of your being placed in a family, and earlier if you request by email.
8. Your profile is usually only ever shown to prospective families who are looking for an au pair like yourself and to CHI au pairs, our American partners.
9. Your data is never shown to anyone else other than the small office team.
10. Our data protection officer is Mark Jeffery whose role is to ensure your data is not misused.
11. At any time you may obtain a copy of the data we hold on you and similarly ask for removal.
12. We will write to you infrequently when you are with your host family to inform you of any that might be of interest for you to know. We also invite you to join a closed facebook group.
13. We do not use cookies or track your data.

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We are not an internet database. We work personally to help find the right au pair for the right family. Then we are at hand to make sure it works. We offer training and support for all of our au pairs who come for six months or more.

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